About Me

Fellow Traveler

Like you, I'm also a Chinese learner (and expect to be for the next 200 years). What I'm sharing here on the site, particularly in the intermediate section, is material that I use to improve my own Chinese listening, reading, and even speaking.

I hope you find it useful, too.

Evolution of the Media Player

Years ago, when I was a beginning learner, I was using some listening materials - a book and a cd. I thought it was really great stuff. But I thought - well, wouldn't it be neat if I could wrap this text and audio up in some kind of application that would let me quickly jump to different places in the text, listen and relisten to little snippets.

Having a little bit of programming knowledge, it seemed to me that such a thing wouldn't be too hard to build myself.

And maybe other learners would want something like that, too.

Of course, now, there are tons of tools around that can do all kinds of somersaults to help you learn Chinese. But back then the digital landscape for learning Mandarin was a little bit more barren.

First I built a desktop app. I called it 'MandarinPlayer', and made it free. (It still is, and you can download it here).

But soon after, Steve Jobs and the folks in California came up with a neat little phone that you might remember. So after the mobile world exploded, my Windows app, despite all the love I put into it, lost some of its appeal.

I returned to the garage, and came back with the media player you now see on MandarinMe.

Please send me feedback and let me know how I can improve the media player, or what sort of topics you'd like to see included and I'll see what I can do.

Happy learning.