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On this page you can download free software to learn Chinese. Mandarin Player for Windows may be just what you need to kick your study into high gear.

With this Chinese language software (download below), you can:

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Mandarin Player's software to learn Chinese allows you to work with simple Chinese dialogs, listening line by line, or Chinese word by word - and supplies the translation with a mouse-over or a mouse click on the text.

You can add new words to your flashcard deck and quiz yourself on the words you have stored.

Dialogs are designed to introduce you to both language and interesting culture aspects simultaneously.

Other features give you the ability to:

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Key Conversations

Any Mandarin learner immersed in the culture of China can tell you that there are certain Chinese phrases, Chinese sentences, questions, and comments that come again and again.

The fact is there are certain cultural patterns that replay themselves in conversations between Chinese and non-Chinese people, dictated by how Chinese people customarily interact with foreigners.

Becoming aware of these types of exchanges, being able to hear, practice and prepare for meeting these Chinese dialogs is a great approach to learning Chinese. This approach allows for essential reinforcement as well as consistent rewards for your little successes.

And for this reason, I set out to capture some of this kind of typical language and present it in a very simple way -easy for beginning learners. You will find groups of dialogs organized around different themes. And there's still much more useful language to cover, and so new content that is compatible with the this software to learn Chinese will continue to be added.

I hope you are able to make use of these dialogs and enjoy the tools.

For your phone or tablet...

Additionally, right here on you can access these same conversations. This web version of our software also has videos of the people in conversations to give you added visual clues to the language.

And nothing to download and install! Enjoy one or the other, or both, as they each have their distinct advantages.

You can find the beginner dialogues online, with videos, here.

Our Mandarin software makes use of cedict (a Chinese-English dictionary) as well as cfdict (a Chinese-French) dictionary, both available under the Creative Commons License.